Chef Abdul

CEO |Executive Chef

Chef's has recently opened its dining doors on Sundays over its famous Themed Brunch, showcasing its exclusive cuisines to the public. From the elegant atmosphere and ambiance, to a newly composed menu each week, we at Chef’s let the food speak for itself.

We at Chef's cater to all dietary needs and welcome all requests. 

"Creativity starts with your taste buds"
​– Chef Abdul


  • Ain Shams University, Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry
  • UCLA School of Executive Hotel Management
  • Culinary Arts Degree from France
  • Culinary Arts Degree from CIA New York
  • Culinary Arts Degree from CIA Napa Valley
  • Culinary Arts Degree from AI Bombay

Passion Meets Creativity:

Traveling the world, Chef Abdul made his way among world known executive and celebrity chefs in France, Italy, Greece and throughout the United States, share his love and talents with all.

Catering to All:

Sharing his love and passion of culinary arts with all, Chef Abdul has catered to an array of congressman, sports and Hollywood celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Tiger Woods, Nancy Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cat Stevens, Liza Minelli and Queen Elizabeth of England to say the least.

Chef’s Favorite Challenge:

Having the opportunity to cater the 1997 PGA Golf Tournament in Canada, Chef Abdul and his team of experts were challenged to cater to a crowd of 40,000 guests. With the proper strategic planning, Chef Abdul and his team wowed the crowd, with his signature dish being amongst the most favorite.

Message from the Chef:

He believes that every dish should be made with passion, and served with perfection, as though it was made for his own mother.

about us

Chef's Catering in Orange, CA is a family oriented catering company specializing in a fusion of cuisines from around the world, including Halal and vegetarian. Offering full service catering and event planning, Chef's caters to large-scale corporate and private events, as well as intimate gatherings providing personal chefs. 

Chefs CEO and Executive Chef, Chef Abdul is a 40-year world renown veteran in culinary arts.